Coppertone clearly sheer sunscreen


I received a free sample of Coppertone clearly sheer sunscreen and loved it its very lightweight and doesn’t have a strong and overwhelming scent. It goes on smooth and comes off easily with soap. Be careful with the spray variety though, if you have any cuts and scrapes it might sting

Help my uncle Tony


Tess Shaw
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Tony Billups and his family are in need of help during his recovery, Please show your support! Thank You.
My Uncle Tony, my Aunts husband and cousins stepdad was in a horrible car accident February 4th in Tillamook, Oregon. He has a crushed vertebrae and will have to remain in a body cast for several months after being released from the hospital. He is a self employed contractor and this is him and my aunts only source of money, since he will be unable to work for sometime they could use a little help, anything helps. Thank you for your support.

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